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Nai Yang Beach Resort

Way up in the North West of the island of Phuket, some 40km from the hustle of Patong, and just south of the airport, you find Nai Yang Beach. One of my favourite parts of Phuket, part of the beach is part of a national park, and is about as untouched as you can get in this part of the world. The South end of the beach has a few resorts such as the unique and luxurious The Slate resort, and the more reasonably priced Nai Yang Beach Resort. Prices in low season are pretty low for a cottage right by the beach. There are several room types from more basic rooms to bungalows with living room.

But, as with many hotels I like, it's all about location! Nai Yang beach is lovely. Always quiet, very natural, away from the crowds. An example of a place in Phuket where you can just sit and relax and listen to the sea. If you want to get from there to the main beaches or the town for a day, it's about 45 minutes by car.

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Nai Yang Beach Resort  Nai Yang Beach Resort

Jamie and Daughter on Nai Yang Beach (photo taken in 2004)

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