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Baan Yin Dee Boutique Resort

Patong Beach is well known as the biggest, baddest beach in Phuket. Paradise to some, hell to others, you can't deny it has a huge selection of restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, shops and more. But even Patong has it's quiet spots. Try checking out the back roads, or head to the far south end of the beach and cross the little bridge. The road splits here - turn right for the (very nice) Amari Coral Beach Resort, or turn left and follow the road as it climbs up and over the hill. Up here you find Baan Yin Dee.

This boutique resort features just 21 unique rooms, with 3 pools and the excellent "Fusion" restaurant with great views over Patong Bay. Friends have stayed there and say the service is superb, it's quiet, romantic... maybe one of the best places to stay around Patong without being in the heart of the madness! A bit far to walk into Patong maybe, worth hiring a scooter for the run into town!

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Baan Yin Dee Baan Yin Dee Suite

Baan Yin Dee Pool Baan Yin Dee - View from the restaurant over Patong Bay

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