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Phuket Webcam at Patong Beach

This Phuket Blog has been online since 2006. In the same year I started my Phuket Weather Blog, which was born when I realised that a lot of people search online for weather information. People are obsessed by the weather. Is it raining? What will the weather be like in mid-September? If it rains, does it rain all day or just showers? When is the best weather in Phuket? Well, the weather blog aims to show what the weather was really doing rather than relying on averages and seasonal generalisations. It gets updated now and then with weather news, photos and some Phuket gossip and I recommend people to follow me on Twitter for Phuket news, including weather updates. But the best way to check what the weather is doing right now? A live Phuket webcam! And below is a live webcam at Patong Beach ...

Patong Beach Phuket Webcam

(Note : It is a live webcam, but the date and time are screwed up!)

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Patong is of course the biggest, baddest, busiest beach in Phuket, although it's hard to tell that from the 15th floor. Mostly, and this is great for the weather buffs, you can see the sky and the sea. Yeh, Patong is not my favourite place (I only go if it's absolutely unavoidable), but everyone's different and lots of people love Patong!

The Patong Beach Phuket webcam is run by Sawadee Cam and looks out to the West over Patong Bay from the 15th floor of Patong Tower right in the middle of Patong. I realise that it's not online all the time. The apartment that houses the webcam is available for short term vacation rental. For information see www.PatongTower.dk.

There's another good Phuket webcam at Karon Beach - see here : Phuket Karon Beach Webcam. If you want regular Phuket weather updates and more, please do follow me on Twitter!

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