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Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant

This blog started just over 5 years ago (belated Happy Birthday to me) and one of the first restaurants that was blogged was Bang Pae Seafood. We are always hunting for good local food in interesting locations. I am not into haute cuisine and prefer to keep away from the main tourist beaches. I know this blog should maybe cover some more restaurants that are within walking distance of hotels in Patong or Kata, but fact is, we live near Phuket Town and I prefer real local food rather than made-for-tourists restaurants with prices to match. Phuket is so much more than the standard tourist experience, though it took me years to find out! Bang Pae Seafood has remained a favourite of mine, and a couple of weeks ago I realised that we'd not been for ages. I last went about 6 months ago with the kids, and my wife didn't come then as she was busy. We headed out for a little drive to see where the road led us...

Bang Pae Seafood is on the north east coast of Phuket. Head up the main road to the airport and turn right at the "Heroines Monument" (the statue of the 2 heroines of Thalang who rallied the people of Phuket to beat the Burmese invaders in 1785), and follow the road. After about 8km on this road there's a left turn to the Bang Pae Waterfall and Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. And less than 1km after this, a right turn to Bang Pae Seafood.. if memory serves, the sign is only in Thai (so it says บางแปซีฟู้ด). The restaurant is about 1.5km down this road, passing shrimp farms on the way. When the road ends, that's the restaurant! It's pretty popular with locals. When we arrived quite a few cars were parked.

Entrance to Bang Pae Seafood

There are a dozen or so tables, only a few were taken. The location is right by the sea, though the water here is very shallow. We arrived at low tide with the sand stretching out a few hundred meters. Mangroves and other "sea trees" grow here. It's very quiet. I do like a peaceful place to eat with a nice view.

Bang Pae Seafood

Bang Pae Restaurant

How nice to sit with such a view. Yes, this is Phuket.

View from Bang Pae Seafood

I decided to blog Bang Pae Seafood again since the restaurant is still a favourite and really has not changed in 5 years, plus I have a better camera now, and want to show some photos - this is a far cry from Patong! If you are looking to explore Phuket, to look for great local food and scenery untouched by hotels, I do recommend hiring a car, or contacting my friends at Easy Day Thailand who can arrange private island tours that show you a lot more of Phuket than any other tour.

The food! Well, I took a few photos. I have my favourite dishes. A real Phuket specialty is "Yam Gung Siap", a kind of salad made with smoked, dried shrimps plus mango and cashew nuts, tomato, onion and some chili of course! You can't find this in normal tourist restaurants, it's a real local dish. I love it!

Yam Gung Siap

And another local specialty, actually quite common throughout the south of Thailand, is "Hor Mok" - a fish curry cooked in a banana leaf. We normally order a few of these as side dishes - and it normally only costs about 15 or 20 Baht each - tasty stuff, well worth a try, but again not the kind of thing that is sold in tourist restaurants. My wife swears the Hor Mok in her home town of Chumphon is the best!

Hor Mok

I find that searching Google for the Thai name of the restaurant often gives you some good pages with photos by Thai people - this one shows a lot of very tasty looking food! Bang Pae Seafood is certainly popular with locals - a good indicator of good food at a good price. Our total bill (family of 4) on that day was about 500 Baht. Yeh, we did not have lobster or crab or whole fish dishes - that would cost more, but anyway, it's good value.

After eating the kids wanted to go off and explore the sands exposed by the low tide. I followed. The area would probably be good for birdspotting. I saw a bunch of different birds. Tidal zones can be good for wildlife. Kids were looking for crabs, and there were small fish trapped in shallow pools of water left behind by the receding tide. The kids wandered off into the distance ...

Kids walking out to sea

And came running back. The restaurant is under the taller trees in the center of the photo below. Not a bad location! This is about as "untouristy" as you can get in Phuket. A lot of the east coast is like this.

Running back to mum

Just another kilometer further up the road from the Heroines monument you can turn right down to Bang Rong - you pass a new mosque (it's a largely Muslim area) and find a busy jetty with boats heading out to islands in Phang Nga Bay. We were just there a few weeks ago when we took a day trip out to Koh Yao Noi and there's a nice little floating restaurant at Bang Rong too. So far this corner of Phuket has remained very local, very traditional. We like!

Bang Pae Seafood - Google Map

View Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant in a larger map

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Blogger Shockr :

I ate here last year. It wasn't that hard to find if you are willing to circle around a few times.

The food is pretty good but I found that there were quite a few mosquitos in the area. Maybe they should do some spraying?

May 12, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

I noticed some mozzies close to the trees when I went for a walk with the kids, but did not see any around our table. But always a good idea to carry some mosquito repellent wherever you go, especially in jungly areas. It's a fact of life here, so I guess I don't notice them as much as a visitor would :)

May 12, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Yeh I noticed quite a few mozzies when me and the kids were walking over by the trees, but none near our table... Travelers to Thailand take note - some mozzie repellant is always a good thing to carry.

May 14, 2011  

Anonymous Michael :

Hi Jamie. can you give us a Google Earth reference for this restaurant. also for the Heroines Monument as a landmark for "exploring". Have you ever been to Freedom Beach? any thoughts on the best way to get there? cheers. Michael

May 14, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Google Earth Link for Bang Pae Seafood

Heroines monument

Latitude: 7.981056°
Longitude: 98.363911°

Freedom Beach - curve ball! Never been as it was always only possible to get there by longtail boat. Boats from Karon or Patong will take you.. but I think it might be possible by land also, as I recently saw a sign close to the elephant camp at the top of the hill from Patong to Karon, it said Freedom Beach 1.5km. If I had time I would check it out.

May 14, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your super blogs and outstanding info about Phuket. Reading them brings me in à happy pre holiday athmosphere;-).
in 1 of your blogs you gave à weblink of à carhire company, but I can't find the weblink anymore, could you mention it one more time? Cheers and pooling forward to your next blog.


May 22, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your comments :)

Car hire.. some links on this page : Phuket Links

May 22, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

How far a drive is Bang Pae from the Boat Lagoon ?? Cheers

May 22, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Not far really, head north from Boat Lagoon (which will mean heading south and doing a u-turn) then up to the Heroines Monument and turn right. I'd say you can drive in 15 minutes.

May 22, 2011  

Anonymous Dr Lee Baldwin :

Hi Jamie

We found Bang Pae today quite easily, after visiting the waterfalls & Gibbon sanctuary, but sadly it was closed. One guy with a bucket of varnish and a brush was painting the tables and chairs but no sign of an active kitchen. Presume being low season the owners have decided to take a break.....but agree totally with your comments; a beautiful position and, given today is very sticky, a nice fresh breeze to enjoy should we have found some food. Ps we drove down to Lae Him on the coconut island wharf to have (a slightly later) lunch!

August 01, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

No I don't think a place like this will close for low season, the customer base is local.. probably just bad luck you went on Spring Cleaning Day :) - Laem Hin a good alternative, though the restaurant near the Gibbon place called Peang Prai is good (just not by the sea), or there is the floating restaurant nearby at Bang Rong.

August 01, 2011  

Anonymous Dr Lee Baldwin :

Hi Jamie

Following our experience on the 1st and your follow up comments we decided to give this restaurant another go today......same outcome!! still completely devoid of people and shutters down. Oh well next time we're here it'll be first on my list


Lee Baldwin

August 03, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hmmm.. maybe its closed for Ramadan?

August 04, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

HI Jamie, we have visited many of the restaurants that you mention but not this one. What are the prices of drinks like and can you tai your own wine? We sometimes have to pay a corkage charge but often at "real" Thai restaurants we don't pay anything.

December 10, 2011  

Anonymous Jamie :

Drinks - well, they sell beers and soft drinks, normal price, I think about 70-80 Baht for large beer and 20 Baht for soft drinks. Can't imagine they will mind you taking wine... only 1 way to find out!

December 11, 2011  

Blogger Kevin Hellon :

Hi Jamie

Ate there yesterday and enjoyed it very much especially he peaceful atmosphere. It will be added to our list of restaurants where we can get good food at Thai prices. They have no problem with you taking your own wine by the way.


April 03, 2012  

Blogger Paul Flaxman :

Had lunch there today for the first time. Delicious food and a beautiful setting. A good place to take visiting friends.

July 20, 2013  

Anonymous Jasmine :

Hi Jamie

Thank you for your very informative blog! It's very helpful. We were hoping to eat at Bang Pae, but I was also wondering if it was possible to start a "do it yourself" tour of Phang Nga Bay from this area. You mention there is a jetty nearby that has boats that go to the bay. I thought it may be more convenient than heading all the way up to Samchong Seafood since we are staying south of Phuket town. We stayed on Koh Yaho Noi last year and arranged for a private tour on a long tail, so we aren't too nervous about it. But we speak NO thai, so communication might be difficult.

February 22, 2014  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Jasmine,

Yes a bit north of Bang Pae is Bang Rong but it's like 40km from there to James Bond Island, a bit far for a longtail ride. So far, Samchong is the best place we've found to start a Phang Nga Bay trip. And it's not a huge drive actually, only about an hour and a bit.

February 22, 2014