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Hike from Karon Beach to the Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is now a much visited tourist attraction in Phuket, even though it's not finished. We have been going up the hill for many years, since work first started in about 2002 or 2003. I have blogged about the Big Buddha many times since this blog started in 2006, showing the progress of the building and the great views from the top (about 400m above sea level). There is of course a road up to the top, which is almost all complete. The road starts from Chalong, about 1km after the Chalong traffic circle, or about 8km from Karon Beach.

Now I know another way up! You can start from Karon Beach and walk up to the Big Buddha! I heard of this quite a few months ago from Steve, owner of the Pineapple Guesthouse in Karon. He'd walked up with a Finnish guy who lives in Karon and had found (by trial and error) a way up. The hills in Phuket are criss crossed with paths used by locals working in rubber plantations or landowners to look after plots of land. The last hike I made up to the highest point in Phuket used a lot of such trails.

We started early to avoid the heat of the day. It was around 7:15am that we left the Pineapple Guesthouse - myself, Steve and Henrik (who was staying at Pineapple and diving with Sunrise Divers). The hike starts up a small side road just opposite and a few meters to the north of the Siam Commercial Bank in Karon, which is just 10 meters from the Pineapple. The road heads up into the hills, easy to follow, passing houses along the way. Kai (our guide, the guy from Finland) lives up here so we picked him up on the way. Some of the steepest sections of the walk are near the bottom. I've been up this road quite a few times. After a while you reach a junction and a sign. Turn left at this junction...

Turn left here

If you turn right, the road loops around and down and comes back to the main road opposite Karon post office. Turn left and you keep heading up, past some new houses and a few still being built. By this point you already start to get a bit of a sea view. There are some steep sections here, and then the trail turns to dirt and heads into the trees...

Dirt road heading up from Karon

This trail gets narrower, but we were surprised to meet a moped and a pick up truck on this section when were heading down again. Lots of rubber trees up in the hills here. As the trail narrowed, we passed a spirit house on the left next to a rubber tree, and a few meters after this, a turning to the right - the first right turn you come to - we took this turning up a narrower path. Now we were really into the trees. Not exactly jungle.. I mean, a lot of the hills have been used for rubber or bananas for many years. We passed plenty of rubber and banana trees although some sections of trail were very "jungly"...

Trail heading up Buddha Mountain

Hiking through the trees

Some sections of the trail here had obviously been recently cut back, and in places the trail might not be 100% obvious, but Kai knew the way! By this time, we had some great views back down to Karon Beach...

View over Karon from the trail

At one point here, the trail splits and you have to turn hard left - someone had pretty much barred the way in the other direction by covering the trail with branches. We then walked more or less along the hillside with a steep drop to the left without gaining much altitude for a few hundred meters. Then, you may see this tree on the left.. big roots, cloth tied around it...

Tree - turn left just after this...

Just after this tree, which you see on the left, you turn right. At this point there's not really a trail for about 50 meters, just head UP (it's steep, you may think you are on the wrong trail, have faith).. and you come out on a very obvious path...

Ah! A real path!

Just at the point you come out is the start of a line of small palm trees.. worth making a marker for the way down at this point. When you hit this path (photo above), turn right, heading up, and it's not too long before you meet the road...

Trail meets road - Steve, Henrik and Kai

The last kilometre of the walk is up the road. We stopped to pose for some photos before the top. Was about 8:45am when we hit the summit. At this time of day, there are few (if any) visitors. We were the first at the Buddha. Getting up early is often worth the pain.

Posing near the top

View across the hills from near the top of Buddha Mountain

We spent a while at the top. Henrik (who had not been up there before) managed to let out a "Wow!" at the sight of the 45 meter high marble covered Buddha. I do wonder when work will ever be complete here. Could be a few more years I think. We all hope it won't be allowed to get too tacky - there are already plenty of stalls selling souvenirs, thank you. Well, at least we got there before anyone else - any tourist attraction looks better without the tourists! Even Patong Beach looks OK at 7am!

The Big Buddha with some scaffolding

Lots of building still going on around the main Buddha image, I noticed some major changes since last time I visited - a large area of dirt behind the Buddha has now been concreted and another layer of 5 meter high lotus blossoms added around the base. The views are still great, and always will be. The view below looks across Chalong Bay.

View from the Big Buddha across Chalong

Up top I met Glenn, who I had hiked with to the 540 meter plus summit of Phuket in September.. We'd half planned to meet for this walk.. but unfortunately had met at different starting points.. we might do this Buddha walk again in the coming week. Glenn was fresh from a hike in the north of Phuket where he'd been attacked by a gibbon!

On the way down, Steve, Henrik, Kai and I stopped for an early beer at the Nakkerd Seaview restaurant near the top of the hill. There are now quite a few little restaurants open along the road - the Nakkerd Seaview was the first and we still like to eat here sometimes with views across Karon and across the Andaman Sea. Refreshed and slightly wobbly (I do NOT drink beer at 9am normally!) we headed down, back to Karon Beach where I enjoyed an English breakfast at the Pineapple guesthouse. The hike was a bit easier than I had imagined. I mean, it's a climb to 400m above sea level, starting at (more or less) sea level, so yes it was a bit sweaty, but starting early helped as we were hiking on the east side of the hill, out of the sun almost all the way up. Good exercise, and great views and of course walking is free - your average tuk tuk will want 800 Baht for a round trip.

I hope to do this one again soon and have (sort of) arranged to do a much tougher hike with Glenn in the near future over the hill from Tonsai waterfall to Bang Pae waterfall in the north of Phuket.. and there you really do find some proper jungle!

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 Hike from Karon Beach to the Big Buddha  |  Jamie's Phuket Blog

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Anonymous Anonymous :

My wife Joy and myself did this hike thanks to your directions, thanks a lot! We didn't even get lost a single time. The pictures were helpful and the directions are very accurate.

The only thing that I found slightly confusing is the following:
"We then walked more or less along the hillside with a steep drop to the left without gaining much altitude for a few hundred meters. Then, you may see this tree on the left.. big roots, cloth tied around it..."
... I would change the "for a few hundred meters" into "for about 100 meters". We actually didn't miss the tree thanks to the picture.

Thanks again for your blog Jamie. Without you we wouldn't have done this hike that we truly enjoyed!


February 04, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

I hope my directions are good enough that I don't get lost.. will do this hike again sometime soon!

February 04, 2011  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie,

This is Yves and I did this hike again with my mother in law.

They have now put some concrete a little further. So the following that you wrote doesn't apply anymore:
"There are some steep sections here, and then the trail turns to dirt and heads into the trees..."
You might want to remove the pic with the dirt trail because it might confuse people.

The trail becomes dirt starting at the right turn:
"As the trail narrowed, we passed a spirit house on the left next to a rubber tree, and a few meters after this, a turning to the right - the first right turn you come to - we took this turning up a narrower path"

Thanks again for your excellent blog! A prime source for things to do in Phuket!



September 28, 2011  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Yves - I should do the hike again and get off my chair!

September 29, 2011  

Anonymous Albina :

Thanks for directions! going for this hike today, wish me luck and no snakes :)

December 25, 2011  

Blogger snekkern66 :

Hello. Reading much of your writing since I located on Kata. Did the route you described up to the BIG budda a year ago. But it's now created a way for the ATW that allows you to go on nice road all the way up to the asphalt road that goes up to the Big Buddha. I send route to you by mail.

January 30, 2012  

Anonymous Anonymous :

Hi Jamie,
Some friends and I want to do the hike in April. Can you see the sunrise from the top?


March 12, 2012  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

You certainly can see ths sunrise from the Big Buddha, yes. I have always been a bit too lazy to get up there so early. But if you want to hike up and see the sun rise from the top .... that means you'll be starting your hike in the dark...

March 12, 2012  

Blogger DuCKy! :

Hi Jamie,

Great blog, our whole Phuket trip will be based on this :)

Just wondering, how long did it take for you to hike up to the top?


October 22, 2012  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Took about 90 minutes. As it says we started at 7:15am and reached the top 8:45am. And we were going quite slow, I think could be done in 1 hour easily enough. You can check at the Pineapple to see if anyone is doing the walk. I want to do it again sometime too.

October 24, 2012  

Blogger Jennika :

Hi Jamie,
A great, detailed post that I'm sure many tourists use as a guide to get them to the Buddha. A friend and I tried this hike today and it appears some more things have changed. We only made it a few hundred meters up the road after the spirit houses (there are 3 of them) before we met some angry guard dogs who chased us away. So we went back to the main trail and kept walking uphill. If you go as high as you can, the road splits. Take a few rights while continuing to walk uphill and you'll end up going past the elephants/ATV place, and onto the paved road to the Buddha. I think this trail is a bit longer, but it achieves the same goal! And it's not a tiny trail through the jungle. There was a truck and some scooters that passed us along the way. The locals were also very nice about giving us directions. All in all a great hike!

February 18, 2013  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Hi Jennika, thanks for the comment, I must do it again one day :)

February 22, 2013  

Anonymous Frances :

Hi Jamie, is it too much if I request for a DIY sightseeing (preferably walking tour) around Karon :B we want to see temples, the market, museums if any, and eat eat eat. Thank you so much

March 21, 2014  

Blogger Jamie Monk in Phuket :

Not that much to see in Karon - it's just a beach, hotels, restaurants, tailors, shops, bars etc.... There is a temple, easy to find .. no museums in Karon, but plenty in Phuket Town. And nearest large market is on the main road about 3km from Karon center near Kata temple.

March 21, 2014