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Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi beach hardly seems to have changed in years. I took a ride over to Kata Noi recently to take some photos in the sunshine and have to say... Nice! Actually it has probably been a few years since I was last there. Kata Noi is not the kind of beach you pass through. The road is a dead end after crossing over from Kata beach (only takes a few minutes), so I suppose you really only go to Kata Noi if you stay there or out of curiosity.

Kata Noi Beach

The beach is clean and is framed by headlands at either end. I know that in the high season you can get some decent snorkeling off the beach. When I was there (a hot low season day) the sand was almost too hot to walk on. Small massage shacks were doing a good business and there were a fair number of people on the beach and a few surfers trying to catch a wave. I don't think Kata Noi ever gets crowded, though. The one road behind the beach is quiet, there are a few restaurants, a few small hotels such as Kata Noi Bay Inn and Kata Noi Club Bungalows.

Street in Kata Noi

The relative isolation is a good thing for the taxi drivers! You can't spend your whole vacation at Kata Noi Beach. Kata is just about walkable over the hill (I saw some people doing it), but the hot weather and general lazy I'm-on-holiday feeling is why taxi drivers do so well. I might walk to Kata, but then get a taxi back! It's a bit of a slog up the hill!

Kata Noi Taxi Drivers

The beach really is very nice. But I have not yet mentioned the major feature of Kata Noi. This is the Kata Thani Beach Resort which takes up a large proportion of the beachfront. Yes, I reckon it must be a fine place to stay. You have (more or less) a private beach. The hotel gets great reviews on TripAdvisor and I reckon (if I was a rich man, la la la la la), I might stay at KataThani... or their new wing called The Shore!

Kata Thani Resort - Booking at Agoda.com
The Shore at Kata Thani - Booking at Agoda.com

Kata Noi Beach

Not sure if they own the beach... don't think so, but they do seem to own all the land! I saw signs like the one below several times, and there were staff around who looked like security to keep out undesirables. I guess the other hotels have an agreement as you do really have to cross Kata Thani territory to reach the sand. In low season things were not so busy. I reckon there might be more beach chairs in high season...

Katathani Hotel Guests Only

Kata Noi Beach Chairs

Kata Thani might be the most obvious resort at Kata Noi, but there is a "fancier" place to stay. Mom Tri's Villa Royale is set on the cliffs overlooking the bay. If you are at the north end of the beach you'll find some steps and a path heading a hundred meters or so around the headland to the Villa Royale, which is one of the Top 10 Hotels in Phuket.

Villa Royale Booking at Agoda.com

There is one other decent place to stay at Kata Noi called Kata Noi Resort. Otherwise you can enjoy Kata Noi if you stay in Kata Beach and just walk, drive or taxi over to "little Kata". As I was leaving and riding up the hill towards Kata Beach I noticed the top of the steps which lead down to Kata Noi beach. Easily missed. A small sign and a narrow, steep stairway. The main entrance to Mom Tri's Villa Royale is a bit further on.

To Kata Noi

Compared to the "main beaches" Kata Noi still seems to me like a sleepy backwater, albeit with a couple of 5 star resorts. You can have some peace and quiet, a bit of luxury, feel like you're far from the masses, and yet you can drive over to Kata in less than 5 minutes where you find plenty of restaurants and bars for the evening. I like Kata Noi, but it might be a while before I go again unless someone wants to pay me a few nights at the KataThani!

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Blogger iVegasFamily :

I hope to visit Phuket someday. It looks beautiful. Great blog.

August 22, 2008  

Anonymous Anonymous :

I almost lived on this beach: Kata Noi for three months in 2007. The access to the beach if you are not staying at KataThani or Mom Tri's is two-fold: via the steep set of stairs (about 70 or 80 stairs!) at the north of the beach or through a small laneway used as the serviceway (and rubbish area) of KataThani which is located in the middle of the beach. Once you are on the sand, you are on public land; but don't try and use the shower just up from the beach, it is strictly for hotel guests only. I got away with it a couple of time but then they were on to me. I also snuck a dip in their pool and ran into the same nice English lady I saved from rough seas a couple of days before. The rip was serious and she was in trouble.

Sometimes though, the water quality of Kata Noi is not the crystal clear water you expect, so keep an eye out and maybe go to Karon Beach (but stay away from the areas of beach near the outflows which carry dirty street water and do pollute the water).

Patong has awful sand. It has literally been trampled to death, Patong with heavy vehicles and
4WD/boats using the sand to get to where they want to go, not to mention the eons of people. Kata (the big one just north of Kata Noi) is also going this way.

Kata Noi is the best beach because it has no surf craft or jet ski nonsense.

Sydney. Ph 612 420 234 570

March 15, 2009  

Blogger Mandy :

Thanks for the info, it's really helpful. We are planning a visit to kata beach as a friend is getting married at the Katathani Beach Resort hotel, our friends will be staying there but like you I think it's a bit pricey too and I'd like to support smaller local businesses if possible. Do you have any recommendations of nearby hotels/B&B's that you know are good and will allow access to the beach shared with The Katathani hotel?
Many thanks

March 02, 2014